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SUMMARY:  Twelve years after season ten, the Ori are gone, all members of SG1 are happy, and the world is safe…or so they think.  What happens when an unexpected old acquaintance of Vala’s returns, shockingly changed and bringing a dangerous threat to Earth?   


2018:  A Christmas StoryChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  Christmas has come again, and this holiday season is even more hectic than usual.  With so much to do, and problem after sometimes dangerous problem, will the Jackson family ever stop and remember what’s important this time of year?

SEQUEL TO:  2018   


2019:  Blessings in TriplicateChristianGateFan   

SUMMARY:  A disastrous mission follows a happy announcement.  Will everything be all right, or will one of Daniel and Vala’s children perish before it even has a chance at life?  Both changes and danger are ahead for SG1.

SEQUEL TO:  2018: A Christmas Story   



SUMMARY:  AU What Vala likes about Christmas trees.   


A Cold Interrogationxfirefly9x  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


A Matter of TrustMoonshayde

SUMMARY:  Vala learns that trust is not so easily acquired.   


A Mother of A Day – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  D/V ditty.  Mother’s Day theme, fluff.   


An Aromatic Goodbyedvshipper    

SUMMARY:  The aroma that lingered after his showers had become familiar to her nose, a smell that would always remind Vala of Daniel.   


And I Promise to Climb Back Up Here to Yousorrel_rowan

SUMMARY:  Tag for “Company of Thieves”.  Some conversations are a long time in coming.  


A New Lifedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  The contractions had started after dinner and just kept getting worse.  When they got closer and closer together along with more powerful, Daniel called Doctor Lam to let her know they were on their way to the base and Vala was in labor.   



SUMMARY:  After dinner one night on the Odyssey, Vala is diligently doing the dishes but Daniel has other ideas.   


Annoyance Turned to Lovedvshipper

SUMMARY:  Daniel is surprised that Vala is actuall reading a book.


A Rediscovered ChristmasLionchilde   

SUMMARY:  AU Hijinx abound when Vala’s Santa Trap actually works.

SERIES:  Rediscovered Hearts   


A Rose by Any Other Name – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Just a short ficlet – Slice of Life in their Future – DV with a nod to SJ, CC and TI.   


As Always Unexpectedsorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


A Simple PlanvalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


A Sweet Treat – Pip

SUMMARY:  Daniel teaches Vala a very important lesson.


As Worthless as the Stars in the Sky – Pip

SUMMARY:  “Did you notice there are no stars out there now?  Ironic…huh?”


Beer, French Fries and Wagers – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  A little Daniel/Vala ficlet from the point of view of Jack, Sam, Teal’c and Mitchell.


Before I Walk Away Against My Willsorrel_rowan

SUMMARY:  A Vala goes home story.   


Believe – Random    

SUMMARY:  He was insane.  Deluded.  Yes, self-deluded.  That had to be the answer, because why else would he be on his way to make an argument for why Vala should be better utilized and made part of SGC.   


Beyond BreakingLionchilde    

SUMMARY:  AU “I fail to understand why I had to come along anyway,” Rodney puffed behind them.

SERIES:  SG-1 Rediscovered Hearts series;  SGA The Promise of Thorns series




SUMMARY:  Vignettes.   


Blood and WaterSorcha Luxor 

SUMMARY:  SG-1, with the help of Vala Mal Doran’s younger sister, attempt some Prior reconnaissance. 


Blood Through Waterxfirefly9x  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Her breathing was ragged and her bare feet were numb with pain, but she refused to stop.  She couldn’t stop.   


Bounty Tag:  Right or Wrong – natalia5345   

SUMMARY:  Tag for Season 10 episode Bounty – as a lead in for the next episode Bad Guys.  Daniel and Vala seemed particularly snarky with each other at the beginning – as well as particularly interested in the aliens making out in front of them in the museum – so this is my take on what happened in between to explain it all.   


But It Works – Assilem   

SUMMARY:  He was sick, and it sucked.   


Buttons, No Bows – Random   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and ValaThey’re going to say it all anyway, and never in words.   


But You Tell Me Over and Over and Over Again… - 6beforelunch

SUMMARY:  Vala and Daniel are both a little broken.  At least they can keep each other company.


Cabin Feverdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  SG-1 takes a road trip to Jack’s cabin for some down time.  Everything ensues.



Camping Can Be Fun – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  These guys love to camp!  Jack, Daniel, Vala, Sam, Teal’c, Mitchell.  Vala and Daniel fight, there’s rain and a leaking tent.  Jack and Sam are getting close.  Teal’c speaks and Mitchell gets caught in the middle.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   



SUMMARY:  Vala takes Daniel to a candy shop.


Carmina Burana – Magnavox    

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s idea of a night on the town.   


Christmas Odyssey – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  What’s in the red box Daniel gave Vala?   


Close Encounters of Every Kind – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Lost in a changing energy field SG-1 waggles back and forth from crazy meanness to crazy happiness.   


Cloud Sixdvshipper

SUMMARY:  Friday night and the moon is out at the state fair.


Consider the Ostrichjanedavitt

SUMMARY:  Daniel is inspired and Vala is oddly appreciative. 


Cowboys and Indians, Cowgirls and Aliens – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Sam and Jacob Carter manage to get Jack, Teal’c and Mitchell to help them find their missing friend, Daniel Jackson.  Vala drops in on Daniel’s adventure.  A few Native Americans interfere – a few help.   


Daniel’s Deliverance – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  After reading the spoilers for Continuum this little bit of angst popped into my head in the middle of the night.  My take on what could have happened.   


Daniel’s Vision of Vala’s FutureAvitarGirl 

SUMMARY:  Daniel changes Vala’s vision in an unexpected way!

SEQUEL TO:  Vala’s Vision of the Future 


Date with a Martian Stunt-WomanWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala finally “complete” their “date” –at Disney World, and with the rest of SG-1 in tow…

SEQUEL TO:  Date with a Pirate Princess

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   


Date with a Pirate PrincessWolfen Moondaughter   (Off-site Link)   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala finally “complete” their “date” –at Disney World, and with the rest of SG-1 in tow…

SEQUEL TO:  Ribs   


Deal – Random  

SUMMARY:  A crowd of strangers, he could dive into that without hesitation.  But this…he’d never known how to cope with this.  –A little then, a little now on dealing with the ordinary after life’s become a little too extraordinary.   


Delivered – Nerca Beyul  

Installment 1

Installment 2

SUMMARY:  Colonel Marla Jameson of SG-6 comes through the ‘Gate carrying a bloody and beaten Vala Mal Doran in her arms.  Her tale is unbelievable:  she and her team braved an Ori fortress to rescue Vala, but not without consequences.  The rest of SG-6 didn’t survive.   



SUMMARY:  Daniel’s thoughts on Vala.   


Dream a Little Dream of Me – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala are experiencing unusual dreams that lead to a life threatening illness for both of them.  With the teams help, Dr. Lam figures it out.  But the fallout creates havoc for the team and angst for both of them.   


Dreaming in Black and Whitedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Weekly classic movie nights with Sam were probably not a good idea.   


Driving Miss Crazy – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Daniel tries unsuccessfully to teach Vala to drive.  Everybody gets involved and Jack shows up in dress blues…what’s that all about?

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   


Drops of Realitydvshipper

SUMMARY:  Tears reminded Vala that it wasn’t all just a nightmare.


Enough – madd4the24  

SUMMARY:  They all assume it’s the damned link, and he lets them. 


Even as I Wandersorrel_rowan    

SUMMARY:  Why did people wear their hair like that?   


Every Bridge That He Found – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  1 Daniel, 2 Valas, you do the math. 


Familiar Firedvshipper

SUMMARY:  That was the only important thing:  being together.


Family – madd4the24 

SUMMARY:  Daniel is the big 4-0 by the time he gets another chance at a family.


Family Destiny – Pip   

SUMMARY:  It was a family tradition – destiny and love.   


Fear and FaithJennUkes 

SUMMARY:  She cheated, lied, stole and survived those first days strong in her belief that they were coming for her.  It might take time but they’d come for her. 


Fictional Reality – Pip    

SUMMARY:  It was illegal for him to smell that good when he wasn’t her perfection!   


Fight or Flight – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  From Daniel and Vala’s point of view.

SEQUEL TO:  “Beer, French Fries and Wagers” 


Fix You – Pip

SUMMARY:  “You can trust me again, Vala – I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you…  I want to protect you…”



SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Full Circle – Divine Joker

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Get Down Tonight – Wonderland   

SUMMARY:  “…do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight…”   


GlowMilena_d  (Off-site Link) 

SUMMARY:  Another four weeks…fluffy one-shot ficlet.   


GodspeedCeeKay Sheppard   

SUMMARY:  “When you ‘gave as good as you got,’ I suddenly found I did not know you anymore.”   


Gone Country – Pip   

SUMMARY:  It’s Daniel and Vala, set to the background of a redneck town!   


Good Man – Random  

SUMMARY:  Post “Company of Thieves” – Looking up at her, Jackson gave a small shake of his head, his frown going tight enough to deepen the habitual lines between his eyebrows and above his glasses.  “No, you don’t understand.  He was a good man – that’s the problem.  I think we need more bad ones.”   


Goodnight ValaAvitarGirl   

SUMMARY:  Vala ponders what has happened to her since coming to the SGC.   


Happy Birthday Baby – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s fiftieth birthday on the Odyssey.   


Here and NowLionchilde 

SUMMARY:  AU Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

SERIES:  Fire and Water

SEQUEL TO:  Glimpses   


Here’s Our StoryMilena_d  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  It wasn’t a date!  And he’d prove it.   


Her Name is Valagioia_gg   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.



His Smile – Stacy L.

SUMMARY:  Vala wonders why Daniel Jackson rarely smiles.


HomecomingNerca Beyul  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


How Many Ways Can I Say I Love You – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Bits and pieces of Daniel’s and Vala’s possible confessions of love.  No real story line, just little snippets of their confessions totally unrelated that could happen between our archeologist and space pirate!   


How They Found Out or There Are No Secrets – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Missing Scene Unending follows scene where Vala leaves Daniel’s room.   


I’ll Cover Youhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  I hate to admit this, but I think I’m getting somewhat slightly used to having him around all the time and worst of all I’m pretty sure I don’t hate it at all.   


Inevitable – shortstuff8379 

SUMMARY:  She hadn’t expected this torrent of words thrown at her, hadn’t anticipated the emotional bruises such words would inflict.  She had come to his room seeking…something.  What that something was, she still wasn’t quite sure.  An alternate version of the D/V scene in “Unending”.   



SUMMARY:  Slightly angsty oneshot.   


Insidious – shiny rosie   

SUMMARY:  A look inside Daniel’s head.    


Insteadxfirefly9x  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel is busy when Vala comes to pick him up for a “date”.   


Insubstantial – shiny rosie    

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Vala/Tomin   


In the Time – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  He feels like he was there, with her.  Two souls in the one mind, touching but not connected.   


Into the Darksorrel_rowan

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala, set after “Ark of Truth”.   


It Happened One NightvalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)   

SUMMARY:  One night together leads to a special “surprise” for Vala and Daniel.   



Just Another Day in Paradisedvshipper

SUMMARY:   SG-1 travels to a tropical climate planet that has everyone relaxed, except Teal’c, who knows there must be something more sinister about the team’s calm attitudes.



SUMMARY:  She can’t stop being who she is, but she needs to be something else – just that it’s not easy to know what else she can be.   


Life is too Short…johnamarie  

SUMMARY:  Daniel rants about Vala to Sam without realizing that Vala was just outside the doorway listening to every word. 


Life’s Too Short – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Time to take action.  Daniel’s been sitting on the fence way to long.  He’s taking himself out of Humpty Dumpty mode and taking a leap of faith eventually.   



SUMMARY:  AU Vala’s got a sunburn, but she just can’t help herself.  


Living in Neverlandgioia_gg   

SUMMARY:  She is an ex-host, twice.   



SUMMARY:  Vala takes a nap while Daniel watches her sleep.  


Lost and Gained – Pip   

SUMMARY:  Memorial Day is a day to remember what has been lost, and what has been gained.   



SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Made It Here – Divine Joker   

SUMMARY:  Vala never got off of the Prometheus at the end of ‘Prometheus Unbound’…I pick it up from there.   


Margarita Madness – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  It’s a party!  DVness and SJness ensues.   


Maybe Nightmares Aren’t so BadFiara Fantasy  

SUMMARY:  What can come of a nightmare?  


Meal Included – Magnavox    

SUMMARY:  Daniel knows how to put on a show…   


Meaning It – Magnavox   

SUMMARY:  “I never touched you, without meaning it.”   


Melts with Youhariboo_smirks  

SUMMARY:  Heat is a catalyst in many chemical reactions, for us is no different.   


Men of ConvictionLionchilde  

SUMMARY:  “Men of Conviction are useful tools…”   


Mini Van – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Just a little short ‘baby’ fic for those who asked for a baby sequel to Driving Miss Crazy.   


Misplaced FaithPurpleyin

SUMMARY:  He knows things could have played out better, guilt doesn’t change anything but the truth is important.  


Missing – shiny rosie    

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   



SUMMARY:  He realized his hand was moving slowly up and down her back, that it had been for some time…and he didn’t want to stop.   


More Than Just Bad Luckhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Their life is full of more than just bad luck.   


More Trouble Than She’s Worth – shiny rosie   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Morning Surprisesdvshipper

SUMMARY:  The morning after, Daniel’s got a surprise for Vala.

SEQUEL TO:  Stop Button


Music and Mysteriesdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  “There’s a chick passed out in the back of your truck, man!”

SEQUEL TO:  The Next Go ‘Round   


My Heart Can’t Take It – Stacy L.   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s point of view during “that” scene in Unending.   



SUMMARY:  Demeter and Persephone fistfight in heaven.   


Nature of the Beast – Pip

SUMMARY:  She’s the huntress and he’s the prey.


Nearer My God to Thee – Pip

SUMMARY:   The certainties, however – those he’d had an abundance of.


Night and DayAngelQueen   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala Friendship, Daniel/Sam Friendship, Sam/Vala   


Night HorrorAvitarGirl

SUMMARY:  Vala is having nightmares of what happened with Adria.   



SUMMARY:  A vignette that transformed itself.  AU one shots and drabbles.   


No Silent Solitude is ThisWinterstar

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala discuss the consequences of what they learned in Atlantis.   


Not Alone – natalia5345   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Not an Archaeologistwhytejigsaw   

SUMMARY:  Vala wonders if Daniel is a real archaeologist.   



SUMMARY:  Trapped on the Odyssey, Daniel writes his thoughts on his and Vala’s relationship over the years.  When his younger self with no knowledge of those fifty years on the ship, gets a hold of those papers, it begins a legacy of love that will last much longer.   


Now Comes the Nighthariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Their lives changed in this moment.   


Now Rehearsed We Stay, Lovehariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  It’s a day Vala doesn’t feel like pretending all that much.  Daniel is there to witness it.   


Of Eggs and BunniesNerca Beyul

SUMMARY:  Vala has some questions about Easter.   


One Day of Peacedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s nervous about something and Vala can’t figure out what.   


One Year into Their Odyssey – spacegypsy1

SUMMARY:  An Unending missing scene.  Daniel and Vala.  Angst, heartache and love.


Out of Time I See Wishes Flyhariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Tag for the window scene in “Unending”.   


Pink Fur and Black LacevalaMD (scifi_tv_addict)   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Pink Handcuffs – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Vala, realizing they’ve been together for twenty years, decides to celebrate with pink handcuffs.  


PMSWolfen Moondaughter (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s state of mind before, during and after “Company of Thieves”. 


Possession – Pip

SUMMARY:  It was all a matter of possession.



SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Protect Me from What I Wantsorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  Jack and Vala talk about Daniel, parenthood and igloos.  


Pure Morninghariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  On a visiting trip to Colorado Springs, Jack walks in on the morning after.   



SUMMARY:  Dominion one-shot.   


Quest of Roses – Pip

SUMMARY:  She ahd been hinting for a month that she’d wanted something over the top and cheesy – that’s what the holiday was all about, after all.



SUMMARY:  She’s so quiet. 



SUMMARY:  That’s all this is:  reassurance.   



SUMMARY:  My take on the crying scene.   


RibsWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  When SG-1 takes Vala out for dinner, Daniel gets and earful about dating…  


Risking It All – Pip   

SUMMARY:  None supplied. 


Ruby Holidaydvshipper

SUMMARY:  Red, it was Vala’s favorite new color.


Runaway Bride – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s popped the question.  Vala has the ring.  What could possibly go wrong?   


SGC Confidential – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, so thinks Dr. Daniel Jackson.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   


Shattered – Pip

SUMMARY:  Yeah, he wished things had been different…


She Didn’t Have Time – Pip   

SUMMARY:  She just didn’t have time.   


Silent Witnessdvshipper

SUMMARY:  Yes, she was going down a path that would eventually lead to pain for all.  But that path was lined with such seductive red roses that she didn’t care about the thorns.


Snowman – madd4the24    

SUMMARY:  The first snow of the season brings memories for both Daniel and Vala. 


Something – Pip

SUMMARY:  He was downright terrified because she could destroy him and not even intend to.


Some Things Never Changedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  At the end of the day, no matter what Vala does, Daniel is still a guy.   


Speculation – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  A little Daniel and Vala story.   



SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala one night aboard the Odyssey.   


Stay – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Missing scene Unending Daniel asks Vala to stay…   


Stop Buttondvshipper   

SUMMARY:  An alumni dinner has Daniel feeling glum, but Vala’s there to help him out.   


Stories of a Giraffe from the Cutting Room Floor – natalia5345   

SUMMARY:  A series of tags that incorporates the presence of a small giraffe like creature.   


Strays Don’t Sleepsorrel_rowan

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala AU vignette series, Vala is at the SGC from Season 3 onward.   


Tag to TPTBFiara Fantasy  

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Tears on RosesAssilem

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  


Tempted by James Deandvshipper   

SUMMARY:  When Vala thinks about cheating, what will happen and will she know she’s even being tempted.   


That Depends; Or, A GlimpseIlna   

SUMMARY:  A little Daniel/Vala domestic scene – with a twist.   


The Ascended Beings I’ve Met – Maeve Bran

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala have a conversation with her in jail that night on the planet. 


The Brethren Court – Pip

SUMMARY:  SG1 finds a very unique way to break the tension.


The Curse – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Good Mission?  All is well?  Jack is tagging along.  Please!  SG-1 and Jack spell trouble. 

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack 


The Games People PlayLionchilde    

SUMMARY:  AU “You owe her an apology, Daniel.  And you’re acting like a scared little boy.”

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack, Carolyn/Cameron   


The Gift of Love that Holds the Soul Intact – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  My take on the Vala crying scene in Unending.   


The JacketAngelQueen    

SUMMARY:  A series of double drabbles serving as post-eps.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, hints of Tomin/Vala   


The Lucky One – Nicole aka Me 

SUMMARY:  There is no letting go, no moving on.   


The Midnight Escape – madd4the24 

SUMMARY:  They give their not-date another try.


The Next Go ‘Rounddvshipper  

SUMMARY:  Daniel’s got his mind set on ridin’ on Sunday, but Vala’s not sure that’s okay.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Cameron/Carolyn   


The PriceWolfen Moondaughter  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  What price will SG-1 pay to get the weapon they need to face the Ori?   


The Professor and the Showgirl – Wonderland   

SUMMARY:  An AU Daniel/Vala.   


These Foreign StarsAngelQueen  

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Tomin speak.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Tomin/Vala   


The Spirit of ChristmasAssilem    

SUMMARY:  She was the Spirit of Christmas he had never truly felt until today.   


The TattooAvitarGirl 

SUMMARY:  Vala gives Daniel a tattoo while she controls his body.  This is what happens when he finds out about it. 


The Waiting Gamehariboo_smirks   

SUMMARY:  Set during “The Road Not Taken” in two weeks Sam is missing.   


The World According to Fuzzy Dice – madd4the24

SUMMARY:  That squirrel came out of nowhere. 


Things I’ll Never Say – Goddess Nefertiti  

SUMMARY:  Letter from Vala addressed to Daniel.   


This I Give to You… - Stacy L  

SUMMARY:  Vala offers Daniel what she can.   


Thoughts on a Thief – Pip

SUMMARY:  It was a side of her that he scorned, yet understood, loathed and loved all at once.


Thoughts Unsaid – Goddess Nefertiti    

SUMMARY:  None supplied.  



Time – Stacy L.   

SUMMARY:  Time is short.   


Tired of Waiting – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Vala’s tired of chasing Daniel without results.  But the archaeologist isn’t tired of being chased.   


To Be His Bookdvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Vala wonders what it would be like to be one of Daniel’s books.  


Together – BkWurm1   

SUMMARY:  Taking place weeks after the events of Dominion and Unending, Vala is having trouble dealing with the memories implanted in her mind and how she reacted to them.   


Together – Pip 

SUMMARY:  They belong together it’s as simple as that.


Together at Christmasdvshipper

SUMMARY:  Daniel, Vala, Sam and Jack spend Christmas together and the girls try to cook dinner.


True Naturedvshipper   

SUMMARY:  Without a single look back, Vala left the propriety and rules of Versailles with the footman.  Daniel watched this mysterious woman with curiosity, her expression telling him he would not be getting her name. 


Turn Out the Light – natalia5345   

SUMMARY:  What if Teal’c wasn’t the only one who remembered…   



Twist and LickLionchilde   

SUMMARY:  “You’re doin’ it wrong, Jackson.”   


Two Worlds at OnceAngelQueen    

SUMMARY:  “I know you…”  Yes, he knew her.   


Undoingxfirefly9x  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  If there was one thing Vala had never before allowed herself to be it was vulnerable.   


Unplannedxfirefly9x  (Off-site Link)

SUMMARY:  Daniel and Vala share a Christmas dinner.   



SUMMARY:  “Unending” fic.   


Vala’s Vision of the FutureAvitarGirl 

SUMMARY:  Vala’s reading bugs Daniel.   


Walls – 6beforelunch  

SUMMARY:  Vala breaks down walls.  Jack approves.  Set post-Counterstrike, pre-The Quest.   



SUMMARY:  “Were you really going to leave?”   


Ways and Meanssorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  None supplied.   


Weenies and Marshmallows – Pip

SUMMARY:  There was a bump in the night…


What Darkness Brings to Lightspacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  What is our team up to in the dark?  DV and team with a little Jack for fun and a hint of JS – did Jack just propose?    


What Now – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Just a little fun with Daniel and Vala after Unending.   


What the Soul Knows – spacegypsy1   

SUMMARY:  Now that they’re back at the SGC after being trapped on the Odyssey, Daniel and Vala are inexplicably drawn to each other.  While Daniel is in denial, but steadily weakening, Vala comes to realize her true feelings for him and tries to enlist Sam’s help.   


What Was MeantAssilem   

SUMMARY:  She had moved on, and it changed.



When All is in AshesAngelQueen

SUMMARY:  She knows what betrayal is.  She just never suspected it would come from them.  


Where the White Rabbit Leadsdvshipper

SUMMARY:  When SG-1 goes to a medieval planet Daniel visits with a fortune teller who frees his mind to share his feelings with Vala.


Who Needs Directions?Em    

SUMMARY:  None supplied.    


With This Kiss – BkWurm1   

SUMMARY:  Vala is confused when Daniel acts coldly to her.  Perhaps the answers are in her dreams.   


Won’t Ever Let Godvshipper

SUMMARY:  He could feel her shallow breath on his cheek and it was breaking his heart.  How could something so frightening and unlikely not bind two people?


Worst Case Scenario – Alice J. Foster   

SUMMARY:  Jack tells Daniel a little bit more about the truths of the universe.

PAIRING:  Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack   


Your Death is a Number and I Can’t Count that Highsorrel_rowan   

SUMMARY:  At world’s end, Daniel and Vala style.



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